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FLYPSIDE - Share your future.


Flypside is a free smartphone application for people in motion. It’s a bit like a big social site you may know, but it looks ahead instead of back, allowing you to create a forward-facing timeline to communicate where you will be in the future and make plans to meet up with the people you choose.The new application is a simple but powerful communication tool that facilitates social and business planning — and brings people together. Timeline posts are called Flyps and they tell other users where you’re going to be, for how long, and what you’re interested in doing when you get there. Check out other users’ Flyps to see where they’re going, too — and communicate with people who will be where you are at the same time as you.
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ConnectWith friends and family, friends of friends, and people with similar social or business interests.
PlanGet together with interesting people who will be where you are, when you are.
Meet & DoHang out, do business, go to the show. Enjoy the people and events that are right for you.
Flypside – Changing the way we share our future. See you on the Flypside!For more information, visit us at